In a previous blog I wrote about the two mine engineers that I happened to sit next to during a lunch at Sassafraz here in Toronto. During the lunch we talked quite a lot and they gave me some tips of good restaurants in Toronto. One that they recommended highly was the seafood restaurant Starfish. I suggested to my mother that we should try it out and by coincidence she had read about Starfish in a magazine and made a note of it. Yes, my mother actually makes notes when she stumbles over things in magazines, advertisement in subways, see things on TV etc. If I do that I never know where the notes are but I start now to make notes in my phone so hopefully I will remember more about the things I read too!

Anyway, we headed to the Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill for dinner. As I’ve been recommended it and my mum read a nice review about the place we were a little disappointed as we entered as the interior looked a little shabby. In my mum’s magazine they have called the interior rustic so we laughed and said rustic must be a nicer word for shabby. We were approached by our server and his eagerness to tell us about the place and his friendly attitude got us quickly adapted to the atmosphere and made us forget about the interior. It turned out that oysters were their specialty (hence the name) and that they change the menu daily as they want to use the freshest fish and seafood. My mother is quite sweet on oysters so she directly ordered the Shucker’s Best Mix, a combo of North American & UK oysters that the waiter recommended. She got a serving of 6 oysters; 2 from Massachusetts, 2 from Connecticut and 2 from UK. Her favourite were the ones from Connecticut! I still haven’t learned to eat oyster so I ordered the Johah crab claws instead.


For main course my mother picked the Ontario rainbow trout with confit potato and chorizo hash, French beans, black olives and Romesco sauce. I picked wild striped bass with golden beats, apples, baby turnips and fingerling potatoes and a wasabi celeriac puree. What can I say? The food was plain delicious and we understand the recommendations and good reviews of this place. And the staff contributes to make this to an excellent dinner experience.


After dinner I again enjoyed the cheese platter and I here had the most amazing Fromage des Chaumes I ever had. Chaumes, which can be found widely in super markets in Europe and in Canada, might not be so exciting and is kind of neutral in its taste, but this one was aged and surface ripened for extra flavour. After we had enjoyed the atmosphere of the meal and place we totally had forgotten about the interior. In Belgium some of the best restaurants can also look a little shabby so again we learned the lesson to not judge by the looks. I will for certain be back for more tasty seafood! And a piece of that Chaumes!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!