For this week’s Friday dinner I’m in mood for a steak. I chose beef tenderloin fillets but of course other steaks are fine too, such as rib-eye (entrecôte), or sirloin round.

I’ve bought carrots of three different colors as they add a little excitement to the simple steak dinner. Carrots come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The orange carrot is probably what most of us think about when thinking of carrots. But one time I heard that the dark red, almost violet-colored carrots used to be the most common carrots. Not sure if it is true but lets go with that today! For this week I’ve found dark red, “violet” and yellow carrots at the market so this time I will actually leave the regular orange one in the veggie drawer!

The carrots will be julienne and then tossed in the wok with some honey and soy. If you don’t find different colored carrots I suggest that you use a parsnip and a regular carrot to at least get two colors.

To the meat I will also serve roasted fingerling potatoes and a red wine sauce. Friday dinners do not have to be complicated. And while the sauce reduces on the stove and the potatoes gets roasted in the oven you can julienne the carrots and  enjoy a drink.

The recipe is available both in Swedish and in English.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!