Even if I only been here for about a month I keep on going back to the neighborhood places that I’ve liked. But trying to find something new in the area I used TripAdvisor to see what they recommended. The top restaurant on their list that is in my neighborhood is Blu. So my mother and I decided to try it out.

Blu Ristorante is located on a backstreet so to say and I realized I never walked by there and therefore never seen it. It is located in a cute old fashion brick house. Going in it is quite dark, but after one gets used to the dim light they have a very nice interior. The menu is Italian-inspired. (I say Italian inspired as I’m not sure that they will get the authentic Italian recognition from my Italian friends.) The waiters were very attentive and it wasn’t so busy so they had time to chat a little about the place, the food and the wine.

We went there on Monday and as happens on Mondays and Tuesdays they have a special offer menu with a 3 course dinner for the good price of 39 CAD. There were about 5 starters and 5 main courses to chose from (and 3 desserts) and it basically covered majority of their menu so I was happy to take the special offer. My mum on the other hand had her eyes on the lamb shank and it was not on the menu so she picked from the regular menu.

I started with one of my favorites, which is Carpaccio. The Carpaccio was served with shaved Parmesan cheese and infused truffle lemon oil. It was really nice and sprinkled with some salt flakes that gave the bites a little crispiness to the saltiness. For me personally they could have hold the oil a little as it was a little too oily for my preference. It also had a cauliflower in the middle and I didn’t understand what that contributed to as for me a Carpaccio is a simple dish where the meat is the center! And the meat was really nice with the touch of truffle.

My mum ordered the pan seared scallops with salsa verde, radicchio, and orange.   The radicchio were really smooth and not as bitter as radicchio easy can become. My mum personally thought the orange slices didn’t really add anything to the dish and were more a disturbing flavour to the otherwise delicious dish. She bragged about the scallops being seared to perfection!

For main course my mum obviously ordered the lamb shank. The braised lamb shank came with a red wine and herbs served with roasted potato and seasonal vegetables. The meat were really tender and basically fell off the bone. Myself, I took the prosciutto and sage veal tenderloin (or as I would call it Saltimbocca) with sweet potato gnocchi, rapini and Marsala sauce. I really enjoy the taste of sage in Saltimbocca so I really liked the preparation of this dish as I could really taste the sage. The main courses were really lovely with rich nice flavors. There is no picture of the main courses as I said it was quite dark inside and honestly meatdishes with brown/red sauces don’t look as appealing on pictures as they taste.

We split my dessert as honestly without the special menu I wouldn’t have ordered it. And the first two courses were large enough to fill us up. The Crème brûlée had a nice hard top of burnt sugar and rich vanilla taste. But half of it was enough!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!