My mother is visiting me here in Toronto and it has been quite a lot of good food and lovely wine the last days in a range of restaurants in Toronto! Today we decided to stay in for dinner and the choice came to Whole Foods’ Veal Chop Herbes de Provence. I say chop, as one chop weighed almost 500 grams mum and I decided one would be more than enough! And it was!

Yesterday we visited the St Lawrence market and we got stuck in the vegetable sections. The arrangements and the colours of all the fruits and veggies were very appealing so we bought a whole range of different vegetables. We found, for us, a new vegetable – Vegetable Melon. It looks like a light green zucchini. It tastes almost like a zucchini but it is more firm and seams to have less water. At least the ones we bought.

So What’s cooking? The veal chop got lightly seared before I finished it off in the oven. To the veal I served roasted red potatoes, vegetable zucchini and green asparagus. Topping the veggies off with some grated Parmesan. And a reduced red wine sauce with thyme and tomato paste.

To the dinner mum served us a nice Malbec from Argentina.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!