It is soon Friday again. Can’t believe how quick a week goes by. It is time to think about Friday dinner.

For this week I suggest a fish soup for Friday dinner. In this recipe I’m mixing two kinds of fish – hake and salmon. Hake is a white firm fish with a light flavor. I personally think it is a very suitable fish for soup. Mixing it with the salmon, which has a stronger flavor and is pink, the soup becomes quite colourful. The saffron in the recipe will though colour the ingredients towards yellow and light orange.
Recipe in Swedish and in English.

Hake is usually fished outside Spain or in the Northern Atlantic. If you can’t find hake then you can use another firm white fish such as a cod fish or haddock. My original recipe is calling for a concentrated lobster stock. I know this can be hard to find in some countries but fish stock can also be used.

To the soup a nice Australian or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc suits me quite well.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well.