Today I was suppose to go out for dinner to a nice Italian restaurant that I’ve been recommended by many. And then it turns out they are close on Sundays. My friend and I decided that we will postpone our dinner to another day.

So looking into my fridge what can I find to cook for dinner. I still have some root-vegetables, and there is some white wine left from yesterday. And there in the back is a baby pak-choy. In my freezer I find a piece of hake. I got all the ingredients needed for a fish soup.

  • Cutting the potatoes and parsnip in small cubes, 1×1 cm, and boil for 10 min in fish stock and white wine.
  • Cutting the fish in 2×2 cm cubes. Slicing the baby pak-choy in chunks and cut tomato in wedges.
  • Adding the fish, pak-choy and tomatoes to the soup and boil for another 7 minutes and it is all done.
  • Salt & pepper to taste.

And yes there is still a tiny bit of white wine to enjoy with the soup.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well.