About a year ago my dear cousin Anette asked me if I had some ideas what she could make for Friday dinner. I send her a recipe for that weekend and then for some time I continued to send her a recipe for every Friday. Other people asked if I could share with them too. During that time the idea for this blog got born.

I’m in favour of dishes that do not need a lot of different ingredients. When I’m cooking majority of my ingredients are either staple food that can be found at home already or can be found in a regular grocery store.  I love reading cook books and food magazines for inspiration. But I often find that many of the recipes have ingredients I don’t have at home or there is a ingredient that I need and then there is no other recipes using just that ingredient. Therefore I use the recipes as inspiration but then add stuff that I like or adopt serving size or make other personal adjustments.

Neither my my cousin or I have time to spend hours in the kitchen. Therefore I try to make dishes that are not too complicated and take a lot of time. Sometimes the recipes calls for marinating but then it gives me a break during the cooking time to read my mail, do household chores, or just sit down and wind down.

On this blog I’ll share tips for Friday dinner on Thursdays to allow those who like to cook the week’s recipe time to shop. For this Friday dinner I recommend the Orange marinated salmon.
As root vegetables are in season I recommend to serve the salmon with some oven-roasted root-vegetables. You can follow the recipe, chose your favourite root-vegetables or be adventurers and try a variety you haven’t had before.  The recipe is available both in Swedish and in English.

I will enjoy a glass of Riesling or Chardonnay to my salmon.
The recipe can be found on top of page in Swedish and English!

Remember Life is too short to not not eat and drink well!