The first thing I noticed in my new work place was that everyone, yes everyone (at least females) wears fabulous high heels. Being crazy in shoes myself I could right there have had a knife in my heart as when I moved here I forgot to take out any shoes to wear at work before the moving people packed up my stuff. Therefore I landed in Toronto with 3 pairs of boots and my gym sneakers. The rest of the shoe collection will hopefully come in a week.

Tomorrow I’m going to a semi-formal evening event and I need a pair of nice shoes for my dress. I have had my eyes on a pair of shoes for some time and the other day I passed a shoe store on my way from the bank and there they were, the ones that I really want – yes the black patent leather ones with the red soles. And as a miracle they had my size. Having a size 35,5 (US 5,5) it isn’t easy for me to find shoes. One might beg to differ seeing my shoe collection but truth is that many times I can’t find shoes in my size.

The guy in the store and I talked for some time as I tried on all kind of shoes. I didn’t want to seem to eager on the Christian Louboutin that I knew I will walk out with. And the store had very good selection and service so why not try on some nice shoes. We agreed being a shoeaholic is not a too bad addiction. Even if it can be an expensive one! I felt like Cinderella when the guy put the shoes on my feet. Do I have to say that the Louboutins are always comfortable to walk in!

Life is too short to not eat and drink well. It is also too short to walk around in uncomfortable shoes! Enjoy!