Here in Toronto I live and work in the same neighbourhood. Therefore I’m fortunate to be able to go home for lunch if I want to. Today I decided to do just that. I had some leftover roasted chicken and throw together what I would call my standard quick left-over salad based on the ingredients I had at home.

Leftover chicken cut in chunks
Leftover couscous
Sliced spring onions
Cubed peppers, tomatoes, and cucumber
Baby spinach
Mix all together and add a tablespoon or two of my favourite vinaigrette
Today I also added some flat leaf parsley (Italian parsley) and dried cranberries

This is an easy salad to also bring to work. Preparing the salad the day before or in the morning will allow the vinaigrette to marinate the couscous and chicken even more.

I vary the salad greens and veggies depending what I have at home. Sometimes I use bulgur or wheat berries instead of couscous. Adding dried cranberries, chopped dried apricots or sun dried tomatoes make big differences. And adding coriander (cilantro) instead of parsley also gives a very different flavour to this dish. Sometimes I add seeds and nuts to get some crunch. The variations of this salad have no limits.

Even with a leftover lunch one should eat well and tasty.