I arrived to my furnished apartment in Toronto a little more than a week ago. As a food lover it is hard to have (basically) an empty fridge and cabinets, and missing most of my kitchen tools.

I’ve started to restock my kitchen but I know myself; I love to buy spices and condiments that looks and sound tasty (think chutneys, sauces, mustards and vinegars in all kind of assortments). And food that I find interesting or fun and think I will eat (who needs 7 different kind of rice?) And then they just stay there on the shelf. As I’m only going to be here for one year I’m trying to not stock up but making planned menus and shop accordingly. It is hard as I love to cruise grocery stores and I have a lovely grocery store just cross the street from where I live. And I get so inspired just walking in there. Most often I come home with random stuff that looks tasty (yes I know I said planned menus but I’m not there yet IRL).

So this is what I came home with today and will make my magic to.

I’m thinking medium-rare rib-eye (entrecôte) seasoned with smoked sea salt (Swedish salt I brought with me: Falksalt Fling Salt Smoke) with stir fry baby pak-choy with sliced garlic and sliced baby zucchini. And just because I love tomatoes just divide it in 2 and grill lightly. Today I’ll accommodate the dinner with a glass of Pinot Noir. I love Pinot Noir!

I love the sight of fresh, raw ingredients. They look so tasty! The colours are vibrant and I think they just tell you to dig into them. With my theme “What’s cooking” I hope to inspire you to grab those ingredients and use what ever you have in your fridge and cabinet to make your own dinner.

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!