My good friend Linda Larsdotter always said: Life is too short to not eat and drink well.

Due to a tragic accident Linda is not with us any more. She didn’t know how short her life would be but she lived by her motto and really enjoyed food and wine. She taught me to enjoy the moment and enjoy the things I love –  food.

Good and delicious food do not have to be expensive, hard to get by or prepare. Things I love you might not enjoy at all. Often one says beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I would say delicious is in the mouth of the eater. Each one of us have our own palate, our own references and our own preferences.

In this blog I will use Linda’s motto and share my love to food and give ideas how to prepare and shop for food. I will share my recipes in both Swedish and English. And as I also love shoes there will be one or two posts about shoes too.

Hope you will enjoy it!
Now I’ll dig into my breakfast!