Today I had lunch at a very nice restaurant in Toronto called Sassafraz. It is located in my neighbourhood Yorkville. Sassafraz has two areas; one more upscale dining and one cafe/ bar area called S-cafe_bar. S-cafe_bar has the chic tag line “European cafe meets Cocktail bar”. For lunch they serve the same menu in both areas. Being by myself I felt that sitting in the bar area was less formal.

One of the great ideas they have is to not only serve bread & butter but one also got a small fruit platter. I’m not used to eat fruit before my meal so therefore I saved it to after, like a dessert. I noticed that majority of the people around me did the same.

Pre-meal serving

For my main meal I took the French Onion Soup. I love French Onion Soup! The waitress though recommended to also take something more therefore I ordered the spinach salad with goat cheese and roasted almonds.

To accompany my meal I ordered a glass of Chardonnay. I heard a lot about the wine district in Ontario, the province Toronto is located in (I quickly learned it is not a state but a Province!). So I thought why not order the local one. O’boy did I make a mistake!

At the table next to me sat two mine engineers (yes we got really acquainted there). They asked me what I had ordered and asked if my wine was any good. I diplomatic answered: “If you are going to order a bottle I think there will be better ones.” They took another Chardonnay, this one from California. During the meal we got to talk quite a lot. They were from Australia living in Sofia, Bulgaria and from England, living in Australia. Yes, I know we “internationals” keep on making it complicated. Anyway, they saw how I sipped on my bad wine so they ordered a glass and gave me one from their bottle. What a difference! There one can see how much difference a wine can do. They told me Ontario has some nice wines but they are not famous for any good Chardonnays. And the waitress agreed. (One wonder why she didn’t told me when I ordered) So there is my first lesson learned from my new province.

Chardonnay from Ontario

So how was the food you might wonder. The onion soup was great but the cheese on top could have been a little less. I find when there is too much cheese it can become like a big lump of cheese. And personally I prefer when the cheese is mixed with a little Parmesan to give it that little crust on the top. But the broth really had that caramelized onion taste that I love.

Lunch at Sassafraz

The goat cheese was not the Chèvre I had seen in front of me, but a Canadian hard goat cheese. The almonds were roasted with a little honey and was just plain delicious. It was overall a very nice lunch. And the atmosphere and the company of the two mine engineers really made it to an experience. The place was packed when I left so definitely will come back another lunch, making a mental note to come before 2pm.  I had a peak on their dinner menu and it looks very nice. I’ll be back for dinner!

Remember Life is too short to not eat and drink well!